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Bahram Akradi

Delta-5 oil dramatically improves intense sunburn

I spent way to long in the sun kite surfing in the Turks and Caicos. I was badly sunburnt. That night, I put Delta-5 oil on my face, and by the next morning, my sunburn was literally gone.

Bahram Akradi, Male customer, 58 years old, March 15, 2019

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Bahram is the Founder, Chairman, CEO, and President of Life Time Fitness

Arpiné Ovaness

Works for sunburn protections and skin calming

I was vacationing in Aruba. Actually, I took the oil and tried it there in the humid environment and it was just lovely! It worked so well against sun exposure and calming the skin – really wonderful. ….For clients who are dry, etc., this oil may be wonderful.
Arpiné Ovaness, Master Aesthetician and Director, AO Skin Studio, Inc., Chatsworth, CA, July, 2018

Dana Lawrence Gills

Beautiful with Brains


Review by Beauty Blogger Giorgia Guazzarotti at Beautiful with Brains

Beauty Blogger Giorgia Guazzarotti at Beautiful with Brains has reviewed Delta-5 oil by SciaEssentials.

She reports improved appearance, softness, smoothness, plumping, reduction of fine lines, less redness, and anti-acne benefits. Please read her detailed comments below, and for even more details, see her full review.


Sciaessentials® Delta-5® Oil is a light oil, so use it sparingly. My skin is on the dry side so it absorbs pretty quickly but if you use too much, your skin will look a little shiny for a few minutes.

It’s tricky to judge how well it fights chronic inflammation because you can’t see the nasty bugger! But I know it’s there because I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world (thanks, London!) and I’m often under a lot of stress. It ain’t easy to juggle two blogs, a novel in the making and a relationship…

But I did notice some changes. The most obvious? My skin feels so soft and smooth. It’s also plumper, which in turn makes the few fine lines I have look smaller. It just makes my skin look better.

And it DOES something for inflammation, too. I mean, I knew it would. The science backs that up. But I noticed it first-hand when I got a pimple. I haven’t suffered from hormonal acne in a while, but last month I went on holiday and indulged in too many carbs (don’t judge).

As if on cue, a pimple reared its ugly head on my chin. I used a few drops of Sciaessentials® Delta-5® Oil on it and immediately, the redness went down. The pimple healed a little faster too.

I’m confident that if you have any inflammatory skin conditions, like rosacea, or some wound/burn on your skin, you’ll see visible results way more quickly

Talking about burns, if you’re going on holiday somewhere hot and sunny, this oil makes a good remedy for sunburns too. Bring a bottle with you, just in case.

Giorgia Guazzarotti, Beautiful with Brains
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Thermal Burn

This is a pretty bad burn from a hot grill – probably would have been 2nd degree burn. The Before photo was taken about 10 min after the burn, then we applied Delta-5® twice (2 hours apart). The After photo was 18 hours later (with no further application of the product). The pain was significant until soon after the 2nd application. He used ice for the first 2 hours too, then no further ice. What is quite significant is how the pain is completely gone 2 hours after this bad burn. We will apply it again today.


Elizabeth Roberts

Thermal Burn to hands and eye area

“I used E6000 to apply gemstones to my eyes for a dance moms performance (instead of eyelash glue) and reached my hand into a bowl of boiling water. The first (splash of hot water) scabbed on my face/delicate eye area. The second (splash of hot water) blistered by hand, but this stuff (Delta-5 oil) repetitively applied completely healed my eye area without scars; and my hand is healing up too (there is new raw skin, but this does not look like there will be scarring). Perfect timing in ordering this product just before this happened- a god send so thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”

Elizabeth Roberts, Customer Delta-5 oil, June 26, 2018
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Anna B

Improved Healing from a hot water spill

I was having a nice leisurely lunch with my family at a Japanese restaurant. I was pouring very hot green tea from a traditional Japanese tea kettle, when the steel cap fell off the kettle. The kettle cap hit my tea cup and the hot tea spilled on my arm and belly. After a few seconds, the pain was intense and I put an ice pack on my arm and belly for 30 seconds, and then applied 1 drop of Delta-5 oil to my arm, and 1 drop to my belly. The stinging pain on my arm lasted for another 10 minutes and was gradually reduced and gone by15-20 minutes; the redness was gone within 2 hours. The pain on my belly was gone within 6 minutes of applying the Delta-5 oil, and there was no redness after 30-45 minutes (with improvements after 6 minutes). By 9 hours, there was no sign of any injury. Check out my before and after photos!

Anna B, 50+ year old, August 24, 2018

Anatolio R

Improved Healing from a hot pepper spice burn

“I was preparing a meat barbecue sauce for a friend, and my fingers got burned by hot peppers. After 4 hours, the fingers were still stinging and the pain was intense. I was contemplating a sleepless night. My wife had just purchased a bottle of Delta-5 oil based on a friend’s recommendation on the healing properties of the oil. We applied the Delta-5 oil to the fingers 4 hours after the spice burn. The pain subsided immediately and was entirely gone within one hour. I got a restful sleep. A big thanks to the discovers of Delta-5 and for my wife’s quick thinking” I think this product should be part of all families’ first aid kits.”

Anatolio R, 78 year old, Canadian customer, August 27, 2018

A happy customer, Chicago

Faster Healing of a Thermal Burn

Dear Dr. Berger:

On Monday while I was cooking chicken in olive oil it splashed on my chest and I suffered a second degree burn the size of a quarter. It was raw, sore and painful for several hours, disrupting my sleep. I put Delta-5 oil on the burn consecutively for three days, twice daily.

My experience is a faster healing wound and it appears I may have less scarring on day 3. This product is amazing and I will use it in the future for topical wound care, redness and inflammation.
A happy customer, Chicago, IL., May 21, 2018

Candace Marino

Improved Healing of a Burn

“I used Delta-5 oil on a burn and it healed the burn very nicely.”
Candace Marino, Aesthetic Nurse, Jason Emer MD, West Hollywood, CA, May 22, 2018.