Delta-5 oil speeds up healing and down time following Halo Laser Treatment

I do a halo laser once a year. The downtime is typically about 5 days where you really don’t want to be seen in public. The last halo laser I did, I tried Delta-5 oil on my face before I went to bed. I couldn’t believe how great my face looked the next day. I actually called the technician to see if she used the same settings as the time before. The only thing I did differently was Delta-5 oil, and the downtime was nothing.

Emily Akradi, Female customer, May, 2019

Note from SciaEssentials: Halo Laser is a new professional laser treatment that uses hybrid technology of a non-ablative laser, combined with an ablative laser. Using the non-ablative laser, this creates controlled zones of coagulation to chosen depths into the dermis that stimulate new collagen; and fractionally vaporizes (ablates) micro laser channels into the epidermis, addressing tone and texture of the skin, and potentially increasing collagen. Typical side effects include pain, redness, intense swelling lasting up to two days, heat, changes in coloration, and typically at least two days of stay-at-home down time.

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Delta-5 oil minimizes pain and discomfort after Botox

I had some deep vertical wrinkle lines between my eyes. The owner of the spa gently encouraged me to do something about it, but I was reluctant to jump on the Botox bandwagon.
I now get Botox every few months, and the wrinkle lines are very much reduced. She also uses Botox to keep my eyelids from dropping down, which not only helps my appearance, but helps me with my dry eye syndrome.
Guys, the era of men accepting wrinkled, premature aged skin is over, and a youthful appearance is as important to the successful man, as it is to the ladies.
Jill at Skin Savvy has mastered the art of Botox injections–enough to accomplish the above goals, but not enough to give me a robotic look. After my Botox injections, I have started using SciaEssentials Delta-5 oil to minimize any discomfort and swelling–works great. Highly recommended!

Alvin B., 59 year old male, March, 2019

Delta-5 oil can be used after light therapy to improve recovery and comfort

“I love the Delta-5 oil! This product made my skin feel so moisturized and not a greasy feeling after it was absorbed. I had the Allumera treatment done back in April and the ONLY thing that my skin could tolerate was the Delta-5”

Amanda H., Customer, Sept. 21, 2018

SciaEssentials Notes: Allumera® is a patented formulation containing hexylaminolevulinate HCL (HAL), an aminolevulinic acid (ALA) ester. ALAs are metabolized by cells to produce protoporphyrin IX (PpIX). PpIX are photoreactive when exposed to light sources. When taken up by cells, there is controlled death (apoptosis) of superficial skin cells, including damaged cells. By targeting superficial layers of the skin, there is improved overall appearance of the skin, including fine lines, elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, discoloration, and pore size. After applying Allumera cream, and waiting 60 minutes for the cream to absorb, a 400 to 700 nm light source, such as Fotofacial IPL is applied for up to 60 minutes. There is reportedly minimal downtime. Side effects of Allumera™ include mild redness, burning, stinging, bruising slight swelling and/or mild dryness which typically subsides within two days.

Delta-5 oil used post-laser treatment and applied to makeup foundation

“Every day, I mix Delta-5 facial oil with my makeup foundation. This gives the foundation a more slippery consistency, and allows for better blending to the skin. Perhaps other oils would work for this purpose but I like the fact that Delta-5 also offers anti-inflammatory properties, and is thin and easily spreadable.

Moreover, recently, I had a Pixel-laser treatment under my eyes to try and lift my hanging eyelids, and smoothen and tighten the flabby skin around my eyes. After the laser treatment, the skin was irritated, so I applied Delta-5 oil daily under my eyes for one week, which smoothed the skin, reduced irritation, and speed up healing.

Next, I am going to try Delta-5 oil on my psoriatic plaques, in combination with my cortisone cream (to help penetrate the plaques)…I will let everyone know how that works out..”

Lenor B, Wholesale Customer, European facials, waxing, and make-up, Portland, OR, http://www.lenorb.com/, November 6, 2018

Delta-5 oil can be used after a peel to control peeling and soothe the skin

Had THE PERFECT DERMA Chemical Peel Jan. 30, 2019, and peeling became uncontrolled and painful. Started using the supplied “POST PEEL MOISTURIZER” on Feb 2 (Day 3). The supplied moisturizer is helpful, but tends to clump up the dead, peeled skin, without removing it. Applied Delta-5 oil February 2 in the evening (two pictures shown), and loved the soothing, calming, and pain reducing properties, Dead, peeled skin was easily sloughed off with my hands or a towel. Also found the Delta-5 oil could be used in combination with the supplied moisturizer for dual benefits. Give it a try fellow peelers.

Dr. Alvin Berger, CEO SciaEssentials/Sciadonics, Feb. 3, 2019

Healing of a deep post-operative scar

“Torn my distal bicep tendon doing pushups 11/25/18 (see: https://www.instagram.com/p/Brfq7KInDF6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link).

“Had emergency surgery 11/30/18, resulting in two deep scars. The longest and deepest of the two is shown in the photos. Each night, applied Delta-5 oil (about 3 drops) either alone, or in some cases, as mixtures with CBD cream, Mederma, Arnicare, and Neosporin. The healing of the scar has been excellent over this first month, with less pain, less scaliness, and less sensitivity. In the panel of 12/23/18, immediately after applying Delta-5 oil, there is a feeling of relief and comfort. I had my first follow up appointment with my surgeon on 1/9/19, and she said, “Wow, the scars are healing really well and I was worried about these scars because they were so close to the bone”. I did not disclose my secret weapon in Delta-5 oil, but plan to bring it with me on my final visit with her 2/20/19.”

Dr. Alvin Berger, CEO SciaEssentials/Sciadonics