Collagen is the protein that promotes skin elasticity and smoothness, leading to youthful, full-looking skin. With less collagen comes sagging, wrinkling, and less vibrant-looking skin. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen synthesis and levels of collagen decrease.

Not surprising, skin companies and supplement companies are racing to bring products to market that are hopefully effective at maintaining collagen levels during aging. Inflammation of the skin can affect the type and amount of collagen, and in some cases lead to collagen degradation.

In experiments with human tissue from elective surgeries, Delta-5 oil was shown to increase synthesis of Collagen Type 1 by 23% relative to a placebo, and by a greater percentage relative to an untreated basal control.

This striking increase in collagen had been previously correlated with increases in skin firmness in human subjects.

Topical application of Delta-5 oil to the skin has also been shown to indirectly increase collagen based on testimonials of subjects reporting improved firmness, texture, fullness, and smoothness of the skin after application of Delta-5 oil:

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Sandi Lesueur

The oil is incredible! I love the oil. I can see the transformation and great glow

Thoroughly impressed with the beautiful bottles and boxes.

I use the oil twice a day, and spread it all around, particularly on my face, neck, decote (neck line), and hands.

The oil is incredible! I love the oil. I can see the transformation and great glow.

I feel hydration and plumping on my face, and also my neck and decote

On my hands, I use it to avoid aging signs and creepy skin

I expect Delta-5 oil to promote healing after procedures such as the Halo lasers; and would like to use Delta-5 oil in my future spas.
Sandi Lesueur, Skin Professional and Entrepreneur
Age 53, Sept. 1, 2020

International Wellness & Cannabis Hospitality Projects. Former President/CEO/Founder of Urban Juve (skin products), Clarion Medical Aesthetics, Riversol MD Skin Care Solutions. Contributed to meteoric rise of MAC Cosmetics. Former Director of International Business Development for OOH Lifestyle, founded by Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist, Derrick Rutledge. Interviews and products featured in international magazines, newspapers, podcasts including Forbes, ELLE, Vogue, Elevate, Flare and Vanity Fair.

Emily Akradi

Kathy Smith

Magic Elixir!

Stupendous Review from an Amazon customer (Fitness Legend Kathy Smith) REDNESS, DRYNESS, FINE LINES MINIMIZED; SKIN MORE SUPPLE, PLUMP, FIRM. 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon ★★★★★

“After a summer filled with travel and outdoor adventures, I returned home with very dry, reactive skin. No matter how much moisturizer I slathered on, nothing seemed to help. When a friend told me about SciaEssentials DELTA-5 Face Oil, I gave it a try as a last resort. It truly was a magic elixir! I started seeing results within the first week. Not only was the redness and dryness eliminated, but I also noticed that fine lines were minimized. My skin feels more supple, plump, and firm. I’m crazy about this product! It now is a staple in my daily routine.”

Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith is a fitness titan and legend who became famous for her workout videos during the 1980s and 1990s and continues to be an influential force shaping fitness trends today. ( (

Beautiful with Brains


Review by Beauty Blogger Giorgia Guazzarotti at Beautiful with Brains

Beauty Blogger Giorgia Guazzarotti at Beautiful with Brains has reviewed Delta-5 oil by SciaEssentials.

She reports improved appearance, softness, smoothness, plumping, reduction of fine lines, less redness, and anti-acne benefits. Please read her detailed comments below, and for even more details, see her full review.


Sciaessentials® Delta-5® Oil is a light oil, so use it sparingly. My skin is on the dry side so it absorbs pretty quickly but if you use too much, your skin will look a little shiny for a few minutes.

It’s tricky to judge how well it fights chronic inflammation because you can’t see the nasty bugger! But I know it’s there because I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world (thanks, London!) and I’m often under a lot of stress. It ain’t easy to juggle two blogs, a novel in the making and a relationship…

But I did notice some changes. The most obvious? My skin feels so soft and smooth. It’s also plumper, which in turn makes the few fine lines I have look smaller. It just makes my skin look better.

And it DOES something for inflammation, too. I mean, I knew it would. The science backs that up. But I noticed it first-hand when I got a pimple. I haven’t suffered from hormonal acne in a while, but last month I went on holiday and indulged in too many carbs (don’t judge).

As if on cue, a pimple reared its ugly head on my chin. I used a few drops of Sciaessentials® Delta-5® Oil on it and immediately, the redness went down. The pimple healed a little faster too.

I’m confident that if you have any inflammatory skin conditions, like rosacea, or some wound/burn on your skin, you’ll see visible results way more quickly

Talking about burns, if you’re going on holiday somewhere hot and sunny, this oil makes a good remedy for sunburns too. Bring a bottle with you, just in case.

Giorgia Guazzarotti, Beautiful with Brains
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Jennifer & Andrew Ignash

West Side Hospital -Health & Supplements/911 Media video review of Delta-5. May 14, 2018*
Andrew Ignash’s comments: 0.37-1:25:

  • Keeps wrinkles down; fills in wrinkles
  • Skin feels a lot smoother
  • Pores look a lot better
  • I’m a big fan, especially for anyone who is concerned about aging or who suffers from acne, rosacea, or other inflammatory conditions
  • Helps with dry skin
  • Overall, just makes your skin look better

Jennifer’s comments: 2:00-2:08

  • I’m currently using Delta-5 on my eczema and it seems to be making a difference (nice before and after photos)

Anna B

Rebecca Brand

Healing of Face and Nose after a Nasty Cold!*

Your skin suffering after a nasty cold? Rebecca of Rebecca Brand Productions shows how Delta-5 by SciaEssentials relieves itchy, dry, redness around your nose; and how this all-in-one oil has other remarkable benefits. June, 2018


  • Removed redness, flaky skin, and irritation around her nose immediately and continued showing improvement when used for 3 days. Amazing!
  • Loved the product so much, continued to use it 3-4 times per day for three days to help improve the condition of the inflamed nose.
  • In process of using it for a longer period of time to reverse wrinkling around the eyes and smile and lip lines.
  • Soothed dry skin on her neck, and overall made the skin feel softer and with an improved texture.
  • Reduced the redness and size of a pimple.
  • The oil itself was not overly oily, and was smooth, light, had no scent, and was absorbed quickly (within 5 minutes).
  • Used it on bare skin at night, and before applying her foundation/makeup in the morning.
  • Overall, she felt and was more beautiful and confident when using Delta-5 oil.

Rebecca Brand
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