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Delta-5 oil can be used after light therapy to improve recovery and comfort

“I love the Delta-5 oil! This product made my skin feel so moisturized and not a greasy feeling after it was absorbed. I had the Allumera treatment done back in April and the ONLY thing that my skin could tolerate was the Delta-5”

Amanda H., Customer, Sept. 21, 2018

SciaEssentials Notes: Allumera® is a patented formulation containing hexylaminolevulinate HCL (HAL), an aminolevulinic acid (ALA) ester. ALAs are metabolized by cells to produce protoporphyrin IX (PpIX). PpIX are photoreactive when exposed to light sources. When taken up by cells, there is controlled death (apoptosis) of superficial skin cells, including damaged cells. By targeting superficial layers of the skin, there is improved overall appearance of the skin, including fine lines, elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, discoloration, and pore size. After applying Allumera cream, and waiting 60 minutes for the cream to absorb, a 400 to 700 nm light source, such as Fotofacial IPL is applied for up to 60 minutes. There is reportedly minimal downtime. Side effects of Allumera™ include mild redness, burning, stinging, bruising slight swelling and/or mild dryness which typically subsides within two days.

Delta-5 oil used post-laser treatment and applied to makeup foundation

“Every day, I mix Delta-5 facial oil with my makeup foundation. This gives the foundation a more slippery consistency, and allows for better blending to the skin. Perhaps other oils would work for this purpose but I like the fact that Delta-5 also offers anti-inflammatory properties, and is thin and easily spreadable.

Moreover, recently, I had a Pixel-laser treatment under my eyes to try and lift my hanging eyelids, and smoothen and tighten the flabby skin around my eyes. After the laser treatment, the skin was irritated, so I applied Delta-5 oil daily under my eyes for one week, which smoothed the skin, reduced irritation, and speed up healing.

Next, I am going to try Delta-5 oil on my psoriatic plaques, in combination with my cortisone cream (to help penetrate the plaques)…I will let everyone know how that works out..”

Lenor B, Wholesale Customer, European facials, waxing, and make-up, Portland, OR,, November 6, 2018


Review by Beauty Blogger Giorgia Guazzarotti at Beautiful with Brains

Beauty Blogger Giorgia Guazzarotti at Beautiful with Brains has reviewed Delta-5 oil by SciaEssentials.

She reports improved appearance, softness, smoothness, plumping, reduction of fine lines, less redness, and anti-acne benefits. Please read her detailed comments below, and for even more details, see her full review.


Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil is a light oil, so use it sparingly. My skin is on the dry side so it absorbs pretty quickly but if you use too much, your skin will look a little shiny for a few minutes.

It’s tricky to judge how well it fights chronic inflammation because you can’t see the nasty bugger! But I know it’s there because I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world (thanks, London!) and I’m often under a lot of stress. It ain’t easy to juggle two blogs, a novel in the making and a relationship…

But I did notice some changes. The most obvious? My skin feels so soft and smooth. It’s also plumper, which in turn makes the few fine lines I have look smaller. It just makes my skin look better.

And it DOES something for inflammation, too. I mean, I knew it would. The science backs that up. But I noticed it first-hand when I got a pimple. I haven’t suffered from hormonal acne in a while, but last month I went on holiday and indulged in too many carbs (don’t judge).

As if on cue, a pimple reared its ugly head on my chin. I used a few drops of Sciaessentials™ Delta-5™ Oil on it and immediately, the redness went down. The pimple healed a little faster too.

I’m confident that if you have any inflammatory skin conditions, like rosacea, or some wound/burn on your skin, you’ll see visible results way more quickly

Talking about burns, if you’re going on holiday somewhere hot and sunny, this oil makes a good remedy for sunburns too. Bring a bottle with you, just in case.

Giorgia Guazzarotti, Beautiful with Brains
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Thermal Burn

This is a pretty bad burn from a hot grill – probably would have been 2nd degree burn. The Before photo was taken about 10 min after the burn, then we applied Delta-5™ twice (2 hours apart). The After photo was 18 hours later (with no further application of the product). The pain was significant until soon after the 2nd application. He used ice for the first 2 hours too, then no further ice. What is quite significant is how the pain is completely gone 2 hours after this bad burn. We will apply it again today.


Thermal Burn to hands and eye area

“I used E6000 to apply gemstones to my eyes for a dance moms performance (instead of eyelash glue) and reached my hand into a bowl of boiling water. The first (splash of hot water) scabbed on my face/delicate eye area. The second (splash of hot water) blistered by hand, but this stuff (Delta-5 oil) repetitively applied completely healed my eye area without scars; and my hand is healing up too (there is new raw skin, but this does not look like there will be scarring). Perfect timing in ordering this product just before this happened- a god send so thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”

Elizabeth Roberts, Customer Delta-5 oil, June 26, 2018
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Improved Healing from a hot water spill

I was having a nice leisurely lunch with my family at a Japanese restaurant. I was pouring very hot green tea from a traditional Japanese tea kettle, when the steel cap fell off the kettle. The kettle cap hit my tea cup and the hot tea spilled on my arm and belly. After a few seconds, the pain was intense and I put an ice pack on my arm and belly for 30 seconds, and then applied 1 drop of Delta-5 oil to my arm, and 1 drop to my belly. The stinging pain on my arm lasted for another 10 minutes and was gradually reduced and gone by15-20 minutes; the redness was gone within 2 hours. The pain on my belly was gone within 6 minutes of applying the Delta-5 oil, and there was no redness after 30-45 minutes (with improvements after 6 minutes). By 9 hours, there was no sign of any injury. Check out my before and after photos!

Anna B, 50+ year old, August 24, 2018

Improved Healing from a hot pepper spice burn

“I was preparing a meat barbecue sauce for a friend, and my fingers got burned by hot peppers. After 4 hours, the fingers were still stinging and the pain was intense. I was contemplating a sleepless night. My wife had just purchased a bottle of Delta-5 oil based on a friend’s recommendation on the healing properties of the oil. We applied the Delta-5 oil to the fingers 4 hours after the spice burn. The pain subsided immediately and was entirely gone within one hour. I got a restful sleep. A big thanks to the discovers of Delta-5 and for my wife’s quick thinking” I think this product should be part of all families’ first aid kits.”

Anatolio R, 78 year old, Canadian customer, August 27, 2018

Must-Have Skincare Product*

Beauty Blogger Cindy Batchelor of describes Delta-5 as an amazing Must-Have Skincare product You Need in Your Life. May, 2018

  • My Antiaging Skincare Must have to get rid of the red, zits, sunburn, and wrinkles too
  • This AMAZING all-in-1 luxurious high-quality antiaging skincare product from Scia Essentials not only minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and gives skin a lovely luminous glow, but it also reduces red inflamed skin, acne, sunburn, and is super hydrating for dry skin too! It leaves skin feeling so soft, smooth, and supple for a natural, more youthful appearance! Watch my Video
  • Review of this amazing skin-saving product on Youtube!
  • I noticed a dramatic change in my skin after 24 hours of use!
    The redness and puffiness were completely eliminated and it got the red out of my zit immediately too – in fact, that annoying pimple was completely gone the next day!
  • It has also worked amazingly well for moisturizing my super dry skin too!
  • Delta-5 is a must-have for relieving sunburn too so I’m FOR SURE taking it with me every time I go to the lake for some boating this summer!

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“My pimple inflammation was reduced the next morning.”




“In 12 hours after one overnight topical application on my palmar psoriasis my plaque, redness, itchiness and minor abrasion were noticeably reduced.”

G. Kent


For many years, I have suffered with extreme cracking and hyperkeratinosis (skin thickening) on my left foot, and sometimes the right foot. The condition has been diagnosed and treated as psoriasis, eczema, hyperkeratinosis and by other names.. Regardless of the official diagnosis and naming, the heel of my left foot is painful, red, scaly, itchy, and cracks easily, especially in the winter months. I have been treated with Dovonex (psoriasis medication containing calcipotriene, a Vitamin D derivative), strong steroidal creams (for treating anti-inflammatory conditions, with careful warnings about washing hands after use), ketolytic agents such as urea (to decrease skin thickness), and phototherapy with specific wavelengths of UV light. Of these, the Dovonex was ineffective; the steroidal creams were beneficial only acutely, the benefit quickly tapered off and there are other side effects if used chronically; and the ketolytic agent accelerated the rate of skin thickening. Light therapy was effective, but expensive, required daily visits to a dermatologist, and could not be prescribed until the condition manifested in its worse state. Sleeping with Vaseline and socks (us gymnasts/ex-gymnasts affectionately refer to as “Sock Therapy”) offered temporary relieve from the cracking, but was uncomfortable and hot, and the pain and itching returned during the day when not socked up with Vaseline. So, I turned to Delta-5 oil…

The upper panel shows the significant cracking and skin deformation prior to applying Delta-5 oil.

I then applied 3 drops of Delta-5 oil to my finger with the dropper, and then used my finger to spread the oil over the affected areas. I covered my foot with a sock and slept through the night. Immediately after applying the oil, I felt an intense sense of relief and soothing, as if I had just taken a very strong pain or numbing medicine. I then applied the oil every other night following the above protocol, for a total of 4 applications over 8 days (middle panel). There was improvement each day with less itchiness, scaliness, and redness.

The lower panel shows the foot after 3 weeks, with no oil applied between days 7 and 21. The condition of my foot is the best it has been in a very long time. I intend to re-apply Delta-5 oil once a week for maintenance purposes, and if the condition should worsen again.

Dr. Alvin Berger, CEO SciaEssentials/Sciadonics


Redness, Wrinkles

“This product really works, my redness and wrinkles around my mouth looks better in one use. Addicted!”



Improved Forehead / Make-up Routine

“My forehead looks so much better after using Delta-5™. I will continue to use before putting on my make-up before I go anywhere!”

Sharon Fitzgerald

Rapid Results

“I have used your product for a week now, I put it on once in the morning and once at night. I have seen a difference in a week.”



Dramatic and rapid improvement in skin irritation

Potential customer (50ish year old female Asian woman) applied about 3 drops of Delta-5 oil to her affected wrist area. Immediately, she reported the itch was gone, and within about two minutes, the redness and blotchiness, and skin protrusions were mostly gone. She ran off with the bottle, and my partner chased her down to retrieve the oil for his own skin healing needs.

Supply Side West Attendee, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, November 9, 2018

Skin Growths

“The Delta-5 oil seems generally to improve some aspects of seborrheic keratosis in anecdotal clinical observations (i.e., effects seen without randomized comparison to placebo or other active commercial preparations). In a world of ineffective and toxic skin chemicals, we have reordered another supply of the product online, since it as good or better than most prescription dermatological preparations available commercially today…
Dr. Simon H. Stertzer, May 17, 2018

Dr. Simon H. Stertzer, MD, is a renowned Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University. To learn more about Dr. Stertzer see Bloomberg and Stanford University.

SciaEssentials notes: Seborrheic keratoses are noncancerous (benign) skin growths that some people develop as they age. They often appear on the back or chest, but can occur on any part of the body. Seborrheic keratoses grow slowly, in groups or singly. Most people will develop at least one seborrheic keratosis during their lifetime. For more information, see Webmd.”


Raised Skin

Before: Raised bumps, just above knee. After 3 drops Delta-5 oil, 1 application, 48 hours later: bumps no longer raised, healing observed, less pain and irritation, June, 22 2018. After 5 days, no visible signs.

Milana B, 11 year old girl

West Side Hospital -Health & Supplements/911 Media video review of Delta-5. May 14, 2018*
Andrew Ignash’s comments: 0.37-1:25:

  • Keeps wrinkles down; fills in wrinkles
  • Skin feels a lot smoother
  • Pores look a lot better
  • I’m a big fan, especially for anyone who is concerned about aging or who suffers from acne, rosacea, or other inflammatory conditions
  • Helps with dry skin
  • Overall, just makes your skin look better

Jennifer’s comments: 2:00-2:08

  • I’m currently using Delta-5 on my eczema and it seems to be making a difference (nice before and after photos)


“I thought I would let you know that my wife is VERY happy with your product. It seemed to cure her eczema. She is a fan!”
Jennifer Ignash, 911 Reviews, May 21, 2018

Novel Ways to Use Delta-5*

Styleincali’s beauty blogger Katie van Daalen Wetters, has tried Delta-5 and come up with some NEW ways to use the product. Check our her Instagram post, May 2018

Hey babes! I’m sharing my favorite skin care secret with you to youthful and healthy looking skin with Delta-5 serum by @sciaessentials. This serum does it all.

Benefits: Use on chapped lips; Use over matte lipstick; Add gloss to lipstick; Anti-redness, anti-acne, Great for under eye and scar reduction.

Katie shows her technique for applying SciaEssentials Delta-5 oil to her face, and the benefits (fine line improvement, puffiness reduction) she observes.

Katie van Daalen Wetters,
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A Love Affair with the Oil

“I freaking love the Oil! Is there wholesale available for resale?”
Julie (An aesthetician)

Another Love affair with Delta-5

“Loved the oil. I apply day and night. Love how it feels light, but concentrated at the same time. My skin feels hydrated and has wonderful glow. I truly love the oil and I am obsessed with it.”
Alma, Customer, August 10, 2018

Yet Another Love affair with Delta-5

“I love your product, so blessed to have been introduced to it, wish you could conjure up something we could take internally to fix us inside as beautifully as Delta-5 repairs our outsides! Thank you, Andrea”

Andrea, Repeat Super customer, August 22, 2018

Inflammation patch on the Face: Delta-5 oil worked, Pharma solutions did not!

I have been dealing with a growing skin inflammation issue for almost three years now. It initially waxed and waned, though was less of a problem to begin with as it was a very small patch and was gone more often than there. Over the course of the last year it grew slightly larger in size and became persistent, never completely resolving. It has occasionally been itchy. Doctors prescribed several different types of creams, including antibiotic, steroid [anti-inflammatory] and Crisaborole (Eucrisa) [anti-eczema]. Nothing helped whatsoever.

I recently decided to give DELTA-5 oil a try, liking the idea of a light oil derived from sustainable sources, containing a few ‘simple’ ingredients, though skeptical of trying something so new that claimed to be so versatile.

It took a couple of weeks of twice daily use before my stubborn, irritated patch began to subside. But it definitely did, and has remained consistently less noticeable since. The redness is still there, though very faint, and in a smaller area than before. I haven’t had any itchy sensation whatsoever since beginning treatment with DELTA-5. The before and after pictures are after  8 weeks of usage.

I’ve gotten a bonus in this product, as it has also helped to combat several of summer’s annoying bee stings, bug bites, and poison plant rashes, as well as healed a cut on my lip (see other testimonial posts)

M Beth H. Zaccari, September 6, 2018
Writer, FutureDerm Media

Improved serious rash under ring/Love Delta-5

“I have been using Delta-5 oil on my face and neck one to two times a day. My skin has a healthy glow, I am 71, and this is a preventative for wrinkles! But I have just found another use. I developed a serious rash under my wedding ring.. I managed to get my ring off and applied a few drops to a bandage and left it on overnight. What had been painful, completely subsided and healed perfectly. I will never be without Delta-5 oil.

I will let my friends know about your wonderful product. If you ever need anyone to test a new product, please keep me in mind. I first saw you speak on “The Skinny on Fat” seminar, and have watched it several times! I truly appreciate all of your time and expertise in coming up with this incredible product. I love Delta-5 !”

Joanne Senn, Customer, September 26, 2018

Reduced Scarring in Nose

“Last night as soon as I applied the oil the burning sensation stopped the following minute. When I woke up this AM the amount of scars which were obstructing 50% of my nostril airway had softened up in a way that I was easily able to clean up my nostril. All that is left is the scar which is healing quickly. I applied the oil once more after I cleaned up my nose. Very potent product.”
Daniel M.

Faster Healing of a Scrape

“I fell while hiking in the woods and sustained a nasty scrape to my knee. I applied Delta-5 oil to my knee and the results were astounding. First, the pain went away immediately. Then, the redness decreased. Finally, everytime I applied the oil, my scrape visibly healed-almost before my eyes! My scrape is now healed and I can hardly believe how well and how quickly I recovered from this injury. I am a believer and will carry this oil in my purse from now on. ”
LB, 51 year old female, 2017


Improved Healing of a Rash

“My big red, painful rash on the right side of my mouth was just about gone 11 hours after using Delta-5 oil.”

Milana B, 11 year old, June, 2017

Pain Reduction in Hand

“My Mother has osteoarthritis of the hand and was going to get needed joint surgery. She applied your Delta-5 oil. Five minutes after a single application, the pain was reduced and she no longer needs surgery. Your oil is important for helping with osteoarthritis and likely ulcers topically. ”
Dr. EV, July, 2017

Moisturizing, Softening, Plumping. Reduces Wrinkles.

“I found Delta-5 oil to be a very deep moisturizer, to soften my skin, to plump the skin rapidly, to decrease wrinkle lines, and to decrease puffiness. I am going to continue to try it out for different conditions on myself and a friend with wrinkles.”
Danielle L, May 14, 2018


Less Irritation from Adhesives

“I attach my insulin pump to my waist with SKIN TAC adhesive Wipes along with the adhesive on the pump. This keeps the pump securely on my waist, but the skin is red and irritated when I take off the pump. After one application of Delta-5, the skin was much less red and less irritated after removing the pump

Daigan B, 13 year old diabetic child, June 24, 2017


Improved Healing of a Scratch

“I was holding my cousin’s hairless Spynx cat with long nails. It got upset and scratched my left arm near the shoulder, leaving a two inch scratch.

After 6 hours, the scratch was still red and irritated, So, I applied one drop of Delta-5 oil to the scratch (Before picture take at 6 hours). I went to the bed, and in the morning, the redness and irritation were both gone, and the size of the scratch was removed”. After picture taken 48 hours after initial injury.”

Milana B, 12 year old, August 28, 2018

Cuts Between Fingers Healed

“I tried Delta-5 oil on my fingers. I have had problems with getting the skin and base membrane to heal for some time but after just 2 days of treating them with the oil they are almost perfect again. Keep up the good work”
Jim Fielden, Denmark, April 11, 2017

Improved Forearm Tendonitis**

“Due to continuous overtraining, developed stubborn right forearm tendinitis; and in July 2017, I could not lift my arm fully and train effectively. Took one spoonful (7 g) of oil after training on a Friday. Taste and texture were wonderful.

After awakening next morning, pain was gone, with only soreness remaining. Unbelievably, the arm I could not lift, could be used again. Following Saturday, had a workout including arm and forearm exercises for first time in a long while.

Tendonitis disappeared and has not returned despite continuous intense workouts including area of tendonitis I was shocked; nothing I ever tested, natural products nor drugs, had such an immediate and curative effect on my chronic inflammation, without side effects. I take one spoonful sciadonic oil every day after workouts, daily at noon; every thing is great again. ”

Jan R, July 2017, 59 year old male, Norway.

**Note: this individual was sent a sample to try topically but choose to consume orally on his own volition. We are not encouraging customers of Delta-5 to consume our products orally based on this testimonial, at this time (May 2018).

Softer, Smoother Skin

“When I applied the SciaEssentials™ DELTA-5™ oil, I did note that my skin felt softer, smoother, and more plush and supple.”
Nicki Zevola Benvenuti, FutureDerm, May 9, 2018

Improvement to a Rash*

“When I applied Delta-5 to a rash on my chest, I can’t believe the results that I have been seeing”
Grace Gold, Beauty and Wellness Expert, April 10, 2018

Faster Healing of a Thermal Burn

Dear Dr. Berger:

On Monday while I was cooking chicken in olive oil it splashed on my chest and I suffered a second degree burn the size of a quarter. It was raw, sore and painful for several hours, disrupting my sleep. I put Delta-5 oil on the burn consecutively for three days, twice daily.

My experience is a faster healing wound and it appears I may have less scarring on day 3. This product is amazing and I will use it in the future for topical wound care, redness and inflammation.
A happy customer, Chicago, IL., May 21, 2018

Improved Healing of a Burn

“I used Delta-5 oil on a burn and it healed the burn very nicely.”
Candace Marino, Aesthetic Nurse, Jason Emer MD, West Hollywood, CA, May 22, 2018.


Less Redness and Improved Healing After Acute Injury to the Face

In the class room, in the afternoon, a student threw a binder towards his desk, but instead it hit me with full force on the side of my face. This resulted in redness and lacerations (before). I did not visit the nurse, and no ice or other treatments took place.

Delta-5 oil (one drop) was applied to my face and spread over the injury when I returned home about 3 hours after the injury. The after picture  was taken about 15 hours later.

The oil did not sting, hurt, or stiffen the skin; it dried and was absorbed quickly; it did not bother me, and it worked fast. I was happy to be around my friends the next day. I like this oil better than aloe vera (which my Mom usually applies), because aloe vera stings and is less effective.  I think Delta-5 is amazing and I am a fan of Delta-5!

Milana B, 11 year old girl, May 25, 2018

Delta-5 Outperformed Hyaluronic Acid for Anti-Puffiness and Anti-Wrinkling

“I’ve been using the bottle I purchased last week. For the last year, I’ve been using a ‘high-grade’ short-chain hyaluronic acid (HA; see footnote) for quite some time on my face once or twice per day. I’m in my sixties. I surely appear younger than my age. In my opinion, Delta-5 oil applied on one side of my face shows significant improvement compared to the other side with the HA skin product. With Delta-5, there was also a noticeable reduction in moderate puffiness, near my nose.

I’ve also applied Delta-5 oil to my forehead where I believe there is a definite reduction in horizontal lines. Beginning today, I applied HA to the vertical lines and then applied Delta-5 in the same place after the HA dried — as well as continuing the treatment on the horizontal lines. I will update SciaEssentials as I get more results.”
Stephen S, Customer, May 4, 2018

Footnote from SciaEssentials: Short chain HA is like long chain HA, but is more penetrating. It fills in wrinkles and may prevent future wrinkles, smoothes and hydrates the skin, and can reduce puffiness.

Before, Nude
1 Min After Delta-5

Night Time Lip Treatment

“I applied a drop of Delta-5 oil to my lips at bedtime. The oil was rapidly absorbed and soothing. In the morning, my lips felt smoother, lustrous, puffed, full, and it brought out my natural color. I don’t even need my lipstick!”
Anna B, 53 year old woman, May, 2018

Rapid Healing of Cuts on Lips

“Very glad you mentioned this product! [Delta-5 by SciaEssentials]. I am a bit of a hoarder of skincare and makeup products ☺️, so when I saw this product I had to buy it because it has a completely different purpose from what I typically use. I must say, Nicky, I am overwhelmed by it! This is REALLY a great product ! I bought it recently because I have a lot of skin issues! Some melasma, not very dark but very deep… redness (rosacea) and… wrinkles… etc. Although I bought it to improve these skin issues, I used it for a different issue I had. I was trying to see a doctor about this new issue because I was very concerned! Several weeks ago… around March of 2018… I started to develop a wound at the corner of my lips (on the right side)… where the lips meet. It looked like an open cut and it would not heal! I tried a lot of products, but the open cut remained! Then the same open cut started to develop on the left side of my mouth! It was difficult to apply makeup and lipstick and it looked awful after application! It was NOT herpes. No one in my family has ever had herpes, but some friends do have herpes and it was not herpes! I had an open cut! Anyway… I applied Delta-5 for 2 days… like 2 times a day, specifically before I went to bed, and the cuts almost fully healed! No more flesh showing!! I have taken photos now (after photos), but I did not take before photos because these cuts on my lips looked disgusting. I believe in a few days I will have no trace of these cuts! AMAZING PRODUCT!

P.S- Delta-5 is also great to use under foundation for use on dry/ dehydrated skin, rosacea, etc. I have not used Delta-5 yet to treat my wrinkles or melasma. I bought some products I am testing now for these conditions to apply first, but I will try more uses with Delta-5 in the near future!😉”
Leila Nunes, Delta-5 customer on FutureDerm, June 5, 2018

Healing of Face and Nose after a Nasty Cold!*

Your skin suffering after a nasty cold? Rebecca of Rebecca Brand Productions shows how Delta-5 by SciaEssentials relieves itchy, dry, redness around your nose; and how this all-in-one oil has other remarkable benefits. June, 2018


  • Removed redness, flaky skin, and irritation around her nose immediately and continued showing improvement when used for 3 days. Amazing!
  • Loved the product so much, continued to use it 3-4 times per day for three days to help improve the condition of the inflamed nose.
  • In process of using it for a longer period of time to reverse wrinkling around the eyes and smile and lip lines.
  • Soothed dry skin on her neck, and overall made the skin feel softer and with an improved texture.
  • Reduced the redness and size of a pimple.
  • The oil itself was not overly oily, and was smooth, light, had no scent, and was absorbed quickly (within 5 minutes).
  • Used it on bare skin at night, and before applying her foundation/makeup in the morning.
  • Overall, she felt and was more beautiful and confident when using Delta-5 oil.

Rebecca Brand
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Roku | YouTube | LInkedIn

Bee bite; creative blend with Delta-5 oil

“Stung by a bee today on the bottom of my foot. The creep found his way between my sandal and me. I usually react pretty badly, so I immediately went inside and took Benadryl and ibuprofen (rendering me stupidly sleepy). That doesn’t usually do the trick, though.

I made a paste out of water, baking soda, Delta-5, and Helichrysum (natural anti-inflammatory), and used it for a while.

So far, no pain, swelling, or itchiness.

July 9, 2018 follow up/clarifications:

I typically react very badly to bee stings, which is why I usually down the benedryl, ibuprofen, and apply anti-inflammatoy agents with baking soda. But even after taking all that, my limbs will usually swell, and be red, painful, and severely itchy for days. For example, I was stung on my leg last year and couldn’t bend my knee for three days!

In this case, after applying the Delta-5 oil, the bee bite was really itchy for the first three days, but then after that, there was no itching and pain at all. The bee bite never did swell up! There was never any pain!

I believe the Delta-5 made a huge difference in this case!”

Beth H. Zaccari, July 2, 2018
Writer, FutureDerm Media

SciaEssentials notes: Benadryl, ibuprofen, and Helichrysum (an essential oil) all have different mechanisms of action than Delta-5 oil. A follow up experiment would be to test Delta-5 oil alone for bee bites in sensitive individuals, and then evaluate additive benefits with other bioactives.

Insect bite/improvements in complexion

“I got a nasty bug bite on my leg that led to pain, swelling, discomfort, intense itchiness, and redness. Not sure what bit me, but it sure does hurt.

I applied a drop of Delta-5 oil to the area surrounding the bite, and the pain was gone within an hour, the swelling was reduced, and the area was less itchy. By the next morning, there was no itchiness at all. I also applied the oil to my face, and noticed improvements in the smoothness and complexion of my skin, with improvements occurring gradually with each day of use.

Just ordered another bottle.”

Lara K, 70+ year old female customer, August 19, 2018

How a Model Applies Delta-5 in Her Daily Routine*

Kristina shows us how to apply Delta-5 oils, and shows the awesome benefits.

Kristina Plisko
Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Channel

Acne, Rosaea

“I’ve been using your carrier oil on my face for about 4-5 months now and it has helped a great deal.. Specifically, Delta-5 oil has completely cleared up my menopausal acne and rosacea on my face. I’d like to use in my massage blends for my sore, fibromyalgia muscles.”

Kimberly Young, Customer Delta-5 oil, June 12 and 16, 2018

Use with Make-up Foundation

“Not greasy; I am mixing with my makeup foundation; spreads well; I know it works and is active because it causes a slight flushing when first applies that then goes away instantly.”
LB (An aesthetician)

Red Nose

“I was very happy to see that the redness in my nose was rapidly reduced (within one hour) after applying Delta-5 oil. I have now ordered more oil.”
Customer CSS, 50+ year old male, August 5, 2018

Red, irritated forehead

“The skin on my forehead has been red and irritated for at least a decade. It would get worse when I was stressed, but not heal when I was unstressed.

After about one month of use with Delta-5 oil, the redness and irritation is almost completely gone, with just a couple of small dry patches.”

Chris, customer, August 22, 2018