Celebrity calls Delta-5 oil a miracle for healing wounds and minimizing scars, and recommends use after micro needling and laser treatments

“I had a freak accident with a brand new essential oil bottle that broke and sliced my thumb. I used your [Delta-5] oil and it has really helped it heal faster and dissolving the scar!!! … It has also helped improve my daughter’s slight rashes who has very sensitive skin .. it is definitely helping! (April 7, 2020).

Lilly wrote to us again from her Official Instagram Account @lillymelgarofficial: “….Love you guys!!! I call Delta 5 my miracle oil as I put it on any and all wounds and I swear it heals faster and minimize scarring! … also great for healing after micro needling and laser treatments (June 19, 2020).”

Lilly Melgar, Emmy-nominated Actress and Emmy winning Producer, Soap Opera Celebrity

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