Incredible healing properties of Delta-5 oil

I have to share this incredible product I discovered thanks to @naomiwhittel’s incredible docuseries “The Real Skinny on Fat.” I’ve been using it topically on my skin to help with the healing of my surgery scars, but I’ve also been using it on my scrapes, burns, even the fine lines and wrinkles on my face, and I feel like the effects are very quick and significantly noticeable!

My little wounds seem to heal at super speed with daily application, and without a doubt the pores of my face are smaller and smoother. In fact, I had one bizarre little blemish for 12 YEARS, for which I’ve tried pretty much everything to make it go away. To my extremely pleasant surprise, it started healing up after the 1st application of this oil, and was completely gone in a week! And if that weren’t enough, it seems the scars on my feet are barely visible only a few months post-surgery.

This stuff is 100% natural and organic conifer-derived oil made by a biochemist, doctor and lipid nutritionist with expertise in the field of fatty acids and cellular, molecular and whole body metabolism. I’m a believer! Apparently, his interest in combatting chronic inflammation led him to discover ancient sources of very particular conifer seed extracts which date back to the diets of indigenous populations (even dinosaurs!), and are no longer incorporated to any great extent into our Western diets.

I watched Dr. Alvin Berger’s interview on TRSOF and was so intrigued by what he had to say, I knew I had to try this oil (even though it’s way out of my budget.) ⬅️ As an upside, there are discounts for bundle orders, which helps. I’ve also decided investments like this in my health & wellbeing are worth it, especially when it’s something I can believe in and get behind based on my own personal results.

My daughter and I have been calling it “magic healing oil.” She feels like it helps her scrapes and scratches too! Highly recommended I love your product so much and have had such amazing results, HAD to tell everyone about it.

Thank you for sharing your genius with the world! Your magic oil has done incredible things for me and my family.

Dana Lawrence Gills, Delta-5 customer, Ketolicious MotherDaughterFit, Teacher, Tutor, Musician, Marketing Manager, Keto Lifestyle Coach, Highland Park, IL., April 2019