Improved Healing from a hot water spill

I was having a nice leisurely lunch with my family at a Japanese restaurant. I was pouring very hot green tea from a traditional Japanese tea kettle, when the steel cap fell off the kettle. The kettle cap hit my tea cup and the hot tea spilled on my arm and belly. After a few seconds, the pain was intense and I put an ice pack on my arm and belly for 30 seconds, and then applied 1 drop of Delta-5 oil to my arm, and 1 drop to my belly. The stinging pain on my arm lasted for another 10 minutes and was gradually reduced and gone by15-20 minutes; the redness was gone within 2 hours. The pain on my belly was gone within 6 minutes of applying the Delta-5 oil, and there was no redness after 30-45 minutes (with improvements after 6 minutes). By 9 hours, there was no sign of any injury. Check out my before and after photos!

Anna B, 50+ year old, August 24, 2018