Delta-5 oil can be used after light therapy to improve recovery and comfort

“I love the Delta-5 oil! This product made my skin feel so moisturized and not a greasy feeling after it was absorbed. I had the Allumera treatment done back in April and the ONLY thing that my skin could tolerate was the Delta-5”

Amanda H., Customer, Sept. 21, 2018

SciaEssentials Notes: Allumera® is a patented formulation containing hexylaminolevulinate HCL (HAL), an aminolevulinic acid (ALA) ester. ALAs are metabolized by cells to produce protoporphyrin IX (PpIX). PpIX are photoreactive when exposed to light sources. When taken up by cells, there is controlled death (apoptosis) of superficial skin cells, including damaged cells. By targeting superficial layers of the skin, there is improved overall appearance of the skin, including fine lines, elasticity, skin tone, skin texture, discoloration, and pore size. After applying Allumera cream, and waiting 60 minutes for the cream to absorb, a 400 to 700 nm light source, such as Fotofacial IPL is applied for up to 60 minutes. There is reportedly minimal downtime. Side effects of Allumera™ include mild redness, burning, stinging, bruising slight swelling and/or mild dryness which typically subsides within two days.