Arpiné Ovaness

Works for sunburn protections and skin calming I was vacationing in Aruba. Actually, I took the oil and tried it there in the humid environment and it was just lovely! It worked so well against sun exposure and calming the skin – really wonderful. ….For clients who are dry, etc., this oil may be wonderful. Arpiné Ovaness, Master Aesthetician and [...]

Bahram Akradi

Delta-5 oil dramatically improves intense sunburn I spent way to long in the sun kite surfing in the Turks and Caicos. I was badly sunburnt. That night, I put Delta-5 oil on my face, and by the next morning, my sunburn was literally gone. Bahram Akradi, Male customer, 58 years old, March 15, 2019 More about Bahram: Bahram is the [...]

Dana Lawrence Gills

Incredible healing properties of Delta-5 oil I have to share this incredible product I discovered thanks to @naomiwhittel’s incredible docuseries “The Real Skinny on Fat.” I’ve been using it topically on my skin to help with the healing of my surgery scars, but I’ve also been using it on my scrapes, burns, even the fine lines and wrinkles on my [...]

Anatolio R

Improved Healing from a hot pepper spice burn "I was preparing a meat barbecue sauce for a friend, and my fingers got burned by hot peppers. After 4 hours, the fingers were still stinging and the pain was intense. I was contemplating a sleepless night. My wife had just purchased a bottle of Delta-5 oil based on a friend’s recommendation [...]

Anna B

Improved Healing from a hot water spill I was having a nice leisurely lunch with my family at a Japanese restaurant. I was pouring very hot green tea from a traditional Japanese tea kettle, when the steel cap fell off the kettle. The kettle cap hit my tea cup and the hot tea spilled on my arm and belly. After [...]

Candace Marino

Improved Healing of a Burn “I used Delta-5 oil on a burn and it healed the burn very nicely.” Candace Marino, Aesthetic Nurse, Jason Emer MD, West Hollywood, CA, May 22, 2018.

A happy customer, Chicago

Faster Healing of a Thermal Burn Dear Dr. Berger: On Monday while I was cooking chicken in olive oil it splashed on my chest and I suffered a second degree burn the size of a quarter. It was raw, sore and painful for several hours, disrupting my sleep. I put Delta-5 oil on the burn consecutively for three days, twice [...]


Must-Have Skincare Product* Beauty Blogger Cindy Batchelor of mystylespot.net describes Delta-5 as an amazing Must-Have Skincare product You Need in Your Life. May, 2018 CHECK OUT THE BENEFITS SHE DESCRIBES: My Antiaging Skincare Must have to get rid of the red, zits, sunburn, and wrinkles too This AMAZING all-in-1 luxurious high-quality antiaging skincare product from Scia Essentials not only minimizes [...]

Elizabeth Roberts

Thermal Burn to hands and eye area "I used E6000 to apply gemstones to my eyes for a dance moms performance (instead of eyelash glue) and reached my hand into a bowl of boiling water. The first (splash of hot water) scabbed on my face/delicate eye area. The second (splash of hot water) blistered by hand, but this stuff (Delta-5 [...]