Eric-Scott Swerdloff

Delta-5 oil uniquely removes red bumps on lower eyelids Been LOVING DELTA-5 oil. Only product that took away some chronic and unexplainable red bumps under my lower eyelids (almost like little hives). I repeat: it really is THE ONLY product that immediately dealt with the red bumps under both my eyelids. THANK YOU! Eric-Scott Swerdloff Dec 1, 2020 Repeat Customer [...]

Jennifer Hipwell

Very positive experience with Delta-5 oil from #1 Canadian Spa, great benefits for Melasma and Psoriasis I was gifted a bottle of Delta-5® oil through a colleague from Bend Beauty and I fell in love with it! I've been in the skincare and wellness industry for 21 years and have had access to a number of various products so you can imagine [...]

Dr. Alvin Berger

Inflamed pinky toes I suffer from very dry feet (see testimonial post here) and toes. My pinkie toes are always dried, cracked, red, inflamed, swollen, and sometimes painful. I applied 3 drops of Delta-5 oil to my right pinky toe with the dropper, and spread the oil around with my finger. Immediately, the toe felt and looked better. The photo [...]

Supply Side West Attendee

Dramatic and rapid improvement in skin irritation Potential customer (50ish year old female Asian woman) applied about 3 drops of Delta-5 oil to her affected wrist area. Immediately, she reported the itch was gone, and within about two minutes, the redness and blotchiness, and skin protrusions were mostly gone. She ran off with the bottle, and my partner chased her [...]

Milana B

Raised Skin Before: Raised bumps, just above knee. After 3 drops Delta-5 oil, 1 application, 48 hours later: bumps no longer raised, healing observed, less pain and irritation, June, 22 2018. After 5 days, no visible signs. Milana B, 11 year old girl

Dr. Simon H. Stertzer

Skin Growths Dr/Prof Alvin Berger, CEO SciaEssentials (Left) was super excited to meet up with Dr. Simon Stertzer November 29, 2019 in Los Angeles. Dr. Stertzer continues to be a big fan of of Delta-5 oil, and received samples for further clinical skin testing. “The Delta-5 oil seems generally to improve some aspects of seborrheic keratosis in anecdotal clinical [...]