Dr. Susan M. Holt

Delta-5 oil recommended post-procedure by a dermatologist “I personally love the oil and use it myself. I recommended it as a post-procedure option to my integrative dermatology group.” Dr. Susan M. Holt, MD Dermatology, Oct. 3, 2020 Dr. Holt practices Dermatology at the Department of Dermatology, Health Partners’ Park Nicollet, Maple Grove, MN

Sandi Lesueur

The oil is incredible! I love the oil. I can see the transformation and great glow Thoroughly impressed with the beautiful bottles and boxes. I use the oil twice a day, and spread it all around, particularly on my face, neck, decote (neck line), and hands. The oil is incredible! I love the oil. I can see the transformation and [...]

Lilly Melgar

Celebrity calls Delta-5 oil a miracle for healing wounds and minimizing scars, and recommends use after micro needling and laser treatments “I had a freak accident with a brand new essential oil bottle that broke and sliced my thumb. I used your [Delta-5] oil and it has really helped it heal faster and dissolving the scar!!! … It has also [...]

Jill Schierholz

Delta-5 oil: a great new tool in the skin professional’s tool box "The use of Delta-5 oil has been very therapeutic for my clients with aging, uneven, and poorly textured skin. I’ve been very happy with how it can calm and aid in faster healing post micro-needling procedures as well! I would highly recommend Delta-5 for the treatment room for [...]

Emily Akradi

Delta-5 oil speeds up healing and down time following Halo Laser Treatment I do a halo laser once a year. The downtime is typically about 5 days where you really don’t want to be seen in public. The last halo laser I did, I tried Delta-5 oil on my face before I went to bed. I couldn’t believe how great [...]

Alvin B.

Delta-5 oil minimizes pain and discomfort after Botox I had some deep vertical wrinkle lines between my eyes. The owner of the spa gently encouraged me to do something about it, but I was reluctant to jump on the Botox bandwagon. I now get Botox every few months, and the wrinkle lines are very much reduced. She also uses Botox [...]

Dr. Alvin Berger

Delta-5 oil can be used after a peel to control peeling and soothe the skin Had THE PERFECT DERMA Chemical Peel Jan. 30, 2019, and peeling became uncontrolled and painful. Started using the supplied “POST PEEL MOISTURIZER” on Feb 2 (Day 3). The supplied moisturizer is helpful, but tends to clump up the dead, peeled skin, without removing it. Applied [...]

Dr. Alvin Berger

Healing of a deep post-operative scar "Torn my distal bicep tendon doing pushups 11/25/18 (see: https://www.instagram.com/p/Brfq7KInDF6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link). "Had emergency surgery 11/30/18, resulting in two deep scars. The longest and deepest of the two is shown in the photos. Each night, applied Delta-5 oil (about 3 drops) either alone, or in some cases, as mixtures with CBD cream, Mederma, Arnicare, and Neosporin. [...]

Lenor B

Delta-5 oil used post-laser treatment and applied to makeup foundation "Every day, I mix Delta-5 facial oil with my makeup foundation. This gives the foundation a more slippery consistency, and allows for better blending to the skin. Perhaps other oils would work for this purpose but I like the fact that Delta-5 also offers anti-inflammatory properties, and is thin and [...]

Amanda H

Delta-5 oil can be used after light therapy to improve recovery and comfort "I love the Delta-5 oil! This product made my skin feel so moisturized and not a greasy feeling after it was absorbed. I had the Allumera treatment done back in April and the ONLY thing that my skin could tolerate was the Delta-5" Amanda H., Customer, Sept. [...]