Dr. Alvin Berger

DELTA-5 OIL improves healing after receiving facial fillers Delta-5 oil by SciaEssentials likely reduces soreness, pain, redness, and flakiness associated with Restylane facial fillers (and competitor products). It may speed up recovery by reducing inflammation, and working synergistically with the hyaluronic acid n the Galderma product, to increase collagen. Dr. Alvin Berger, CEO SciaEssentials, March 2021

Dr. Alvin Berger

Delta-5 oil speeds up recovery after plasma pen treatment, working synergistically to remove eye folds Plasma pen procedure was conducted by Jill Schierholz (APLE, CLT, LSO), owner of Skin Savvy Advanced Aesthetics Delta-5 oil by SciaEssentials was applied mornings and evenings (3 drops/time). Top Panel: Plasma pen treatment Middle Panel: 4 weeks later plasma pen Bottom Panel: 10 weeks after [...]

Dr. Susan M. Holt

Delta-5 oil recommended post-procedure by a dermatologist “I personally love the oil and use it myself. I recommended it as a post-procedure option to my integrative dermatology group.” Dr. Susan M. Holt, MD Dermatology, Oct. 3, 2020 Dr. Holt practices Dermatology at the Department of Dermatology, Health Partners’ Park Nicollet, Maple Grove, MN

Perri Polowy

Lightening skin spots, smoothing Delta-5 is better than I thought, I'm amazed! I can't tell you how many products we test, that is just another product for the shelf. With that said this product has definitely smoothed out an area by my mouth that I was starting to worry about; and it was the only item I was using for [...]

Gloria B

“The Miracle Happens After 5 Minutes” (according to her caregiver)! Before and After photos of 95 year old woman after 6 drops Delta-5 oil applied in the morning over entire face. We see less wrinkling and more fullness after 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 3 hrs, and 7 hrs. Gloria B

Arpiné Ovaness

Works for sunburn protections and skin calming I was vacationing in Aruba. Actually, I took the oil and tried it there in the humid environment and it was just lovely! It worked so well against sun exposure and calming the skin – really wonderful. ….For clients who are dry, etc., this oil may be wonderful. Arpiné Ovaness, Master Aesthetician and [...]

Kathy Smith

Magic Elixir! Stupendous Review from an Amazon customer (Fitness Legend Kathy Smith) REDNESS, DRYNESS, FINE LINES MINIMIZED; SKIN MORE SUPPLE, PLUMP, FIRM. 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon ★★★★★ "After a summer filled with travel and outdoor adventures, I returned home with very dry, reactive skin. No matter how much moisturizer I slathered on, nothing seemed to help. When [...]

Jill Schierholz

Delta-5 oil: a great new tool in the skin professional’s tool box "The use of Delta-5 oil has been very therapeutic for my clients with aging, uneven, and poorly textured skin. I’ve been very happy with how it can calm and aid in faster healing post micro-needling procedures as well! I would highly recommend Delta-5 for the treatment room for [...]


PAINFUL LITTLE CUTS ON FINGERS OUCH! Minnesota weather and dry, cold climates are really tough on the hands, feet, face, etc. Every year I get these painful cuts around the cuticles. These cuts are painful and slow to heal. Every time you touch something and press on the cut, it hurts big time! Applied Delta-5 oil to open cut night [...]

Lenor B

Delta-5 oil used post-laser treatment and applied to makeup foundation "Every day, I mix Delta-5 facial oil with my makeup foundation. This gives the foundation a more slippery consistency, and allows for better blending to the skin. Perhaps other oils would work for this purpose but I like the fact that Delta-5 also offers anti-inflammatory properties, and is thin and [...]