Dr. Alvin Berger

Healing of a deep post-operative scar "Torn my distal bicep tendon doing pushups 11/25/18 (see: https://www.instagram.com/p/Brfq7KInDF6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link). "Had emergency surgery 11/30/18, resulting in two deep scars. The longest and deepest of the two is shown in the photos. Each night, applied Delta-5 oil (about 3 drops) either alone, or in some cases, as mixtures with CBD cream, Mederma, Arnicare, and Neosporin. [...]

Joanne Senn

Improved serious rash under ring/Love Delta-5 “I have been using Delta-5 oil on my face and neck one to two times a day. My skin has a healthy glow, I am 71, and this is a preventative for wrinkles! But I have just found another use. I developed a serious rash under my wedding ring.. I managed to get my [...]

M Beth H. Zaccari

Inflammation patch on the Face: Delta-5 oil worked, Pharma solutions did not! I have been dealing with a growing skin inflammation issue for almost three years now. It initially waxed and waned, though was less of a problem to begin with as it was a very small patch and was gone more often than there. Over the course of the [...]


Improved Healing of a Scratch “I was holding my cousin’s hairless Spynx cat with long nails. It got upset and scratched my left arm near the shoulder, leaving a two inch scratch. After 6 hours, the scratch was still red and irritated, So, I applied one drop of Delta-5 oil to the scratch (Before picture take at 6 hours). I [...]

Rebecca Brand

Healing of Face and Nose after a Nasty Cold!* Your skin suffering after a nasty cold? Rebecca of Rebecca Brand Productions shows how Delta-5 by SciaEssentials relieves itchy, dry, redness around your nose; and how this all-in-one oil has other remarkable benefits. June, 2018 Highlights: Removed redness, flaky skin, and irritation around her nose immediately and continued showing improvement when [...]

Milana B

Less Redness and Improved Healing After Acute Injury to the Face In the class room, in the afternoon, a student threw a binder towards his desk, but instead it hit me with full force on the side of my face. This resulted in redness and lacerations (before). I did not visit the nurse, and no ice or other treatments took [...]

Grace Gold

Improvement to a Rash* “When I applied Delta-5 to a rash on my chest, I can’t believe the results that I have been seeing” Grace Gold, Beauty and Wellness Expert, April 10, 2018

Jim Fielden

Cuts Between Fingers Healed "I tried Delta-5 oil on my fingers. I have had problems with getting the skin and base membrane to heal for some time but after just 2 days of treating them with the oil they are almost perfect again. Keep up the good work” Jim Fielden, Denmark, April 11, 2017

Milana B

Before After Improved Healing of a Rash "My big red, painful rash on the right side of my mouth was just about gone 11 hours after using Delta-5 oil." Milana B, 11 year old, June, 2017


Faster Healing of a Scrape "I fell while hiking in the woods and sustained a nasty scrape to my knee. I applied Delta-5 oil to my knee and the results were astounding. First, the pain went away immediately. Then, the redness decreased. Finally, everytime I applied the oil, my scrape visibly healed-almost before my eyes! My scrape is now healed [...]