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2020 Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award

Sciadonics, Inc. has received  the 2020 Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award, as a Leading Provider of Anti-Inflammatory Solutions – North America & GHP Excellence Award in Nutritional Biochemistry 2020.

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 shine a spotlight on innovation within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries by recognizing the forward thinkers who bring crucial new ideas and products to the forefront in one of the world’s most demanding and competitive sectors.

Regardless of how large or small a business may be, all participants in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards are judged purely on merit; this approach enables us to ensure that only the most deserving are acknowledged. Learn more about how Awardees are selected here:

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Sciadonics/SciaEssentials Receives the 2019 Global Health & Pharma Award for “Most Unique Inflammation Treatment Developers 2019 – USA”

Sciadonics, Inc and SciaEssentials, LLC are proud to be the 2019 Recipient of the GHP 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards product for the category, “Most Unique Inflammation Treatment Developers 2019 – USA”

In their evaluation, the judges considered that our Founder, Dr./Professor Alvin Berger spent the last 30 years to develop a truly novel and effective oil to combat chronic inflammation, the root cause of many skin problems and other chronic conditions.

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ArtfulLiving Magazine (Style Section)

Delta-5 oil was included in ArtfulLiving Magazine’s “5 Must-Try Products to Boost Collagen and Maintain a Natural Glow”

Scia Essentials Delta-5 Oil: “If you’re looking for a face oil that does it all, look no further than Delta-5 Oil from Scia Essentials. This treatment reduces wrinkles and redness with anti-inflammatory mechanisms that promote an increase of collagen. CEO Alvin Berger has tested, formulated and patented the product after 30 years of research in skin, nutritional and pharmaceutical sciences.”


5 Must-Try Products to Boost Collagen and Maintain A Natural Glow, Sara Zuehlke, ArtfulLiving, Aug 5 2020,

CBD Health and Wellness

In this article, the CEO of SciaEssentials/Sciadonics/LifeSense Products discusses his landmark work with endocannabinoids from 1996-present; solubilization of CBDs with MCTs; and Delta-5 fatty acids, and many other fascinating topics.

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Reference: McColby C. 2020. “From chocolate to cannabinoids: A conversation with Alvin Berger, PhD.” CBD Health & Wellness Magazine: April/May 2020, p. 34-37

Skin Inc Magazine

Great to see Skin Inc Magazine (premier Skin Magazine for Spa Professionals and Owners) featured our Delta-5 anti-inflammatory oil by SciaEssentials, April 16, 2020.

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See their unboxing-video here.

Lilly Melgar

Lilly Melgar is a beautiful and smart, and inquisitive Emmy-nominated Actress and Emmy winning Producer. Learn more about her here.

We met in LA and she picked my brain about latest trends in nutrition and skin and spoke about her future Wellness blog. She and her colleagues (with less-perfect skin than hers) will be evaluating Delta-5 oil for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Stay posted.

Excited to inform we are starting to get feedback from Lilly and her colleagues!

On April 7, 2020, Lilly wrote: “ I had a freak accident with a brand new essential oil bottle that broke and sliced my thumb. I used your oil and it has really helped it heal faster and dissolving the scar!!! … It has also helped improve my daughter’s slight rashes who has very sensitive skin .. it is definitely helping!

On June 19, 2020, Lilly wrote to us from her Official Instagram Account @lillymelgarofficial: “….Love you guys!!! I call Delta 5 my miracle oil as I put it on any and all wounds and I swear it heals faster and minimize scarring! … also great for healing after micro needling it laser treatments … ♥️”

Delta-5 & C8 MCT CBD

The November 2019 issue #49 of High! Canada Magazine (p. 17-19) looks at new research and information on cannabinoids. It features a review of Prof/Dr./CEO SciaEssentials/SciaDonics/Co-Founder Life Sense Products Alvin Berger’s research and businesses concerning Delta-5 anti-inflammatory oil and their C8 MCT CBD Solubilizers

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The 2020 Hollywood Swag Bag UnOfficial Oscar Bags Hit Celebrity Hotels This Weekend

2020 Hollywood Swag Bag Red Carpet Nominee Gifts include SciaEssentials Delta-5 anti-inflammatory oil

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Delta-5 Oil by SciaEssentials Heads to the Oscars 2020

Don’t you wish you could just buy one skin care product that could treat multiple issues? Well Delta-5 has you covered! Newly rediscovered and developed with cutting edge science DELTA-5 is scientifically and clinically studied to reduce redness and inflammation, boost collagen and promote aggressive healing of the dermis and epidermis of your skin. Their formula has been clinically tested showing results on the first application. This natural, organic oil protects the skin from free radical damage, resulting in a clearer complexion.

We are thrilled to be including Dr. Alvin Berger’s miraculous Delta-5 Oil in our Hollywood Swag Bags being gifted to nominees honoring the big red carpet weekend next month.

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Prof/Dr. Alvin Berger was interviewed by  cannabis MAGAZINE for the Jan. 2, 2020 edition and describes how Delta-5 oil and CBD may be combined to achieve synergistic benefits.

CBD is all the rage it seems, and with good reason. Its healing properties are well-known, and it’s generally considered safe and side-affect-free. But can it be improved upon? In today’s interview with Dr. Alvin Berger, we learn about Delta-5, a fatty acid compound that Dr. Berger has incorporated with CBD to produce some impressive results. Check out the interview below to learn more!

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Searching For Reality In Your Business

In the second of three podcasts with WeMentor Mondays with Nancy Meyer, on Dec. 16, 2019, Dr. Berger gets into the realities of running a complex international business. You will hear the how he set-up his business, the why and what of its structure, and his personal revelations along the way. Our conversation will bring you into the reality of business ownership and inspire the hopes we embrace in trying to overcome all obstacles to bring new innovations into the marketplace and create a lifestyle that works! DOWNLOAD PODCAST! 

Part of his journey reminds me of Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands. Edward is an artificial man who has scissor blades instead of hands. He has to learn how to use his Scissorhands while everyone is watching, judging, and critiquing his every move. An entrepreneur enters into an unknown world and must carve out a livelihood from an invention. There are regulations, patents, plain Jane investor expectations, industrial training skills to learn, the list goes on and on. Initially you feel artificial or what some describe as feeling like a fraud because you are to act like you know what is going on and know exactly what you are doing.

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Decrease Inflammation and Feel Better

Our CEO, Dr./Prof. Alvin Berger was interviewed by Nancy A. Meyer, MA of WeMentor Mondays, December 9, 2019. In the first of three podcasts, Dr. Berger unravels his early background, and how it led him to start Sciadonics, Inc, SciaEssentials, LLC, and LifeSense Products, LLC

In this podcast, Dr. Berger focuses on Delta-5 oils and how they can be used to reduce inflammation, and the challenges of having a startup business and being an entrepreneur.

From Nancy:  Dr. Berger believes the future of health and longevity is to reduce inflammation within the body, through oral and topical means. Join internationally renowned biochemist, scientist, and nutritionist Dr. Alvin Berger and I as we breakdown inflammation…

After listening, do the following three WeMentor Self-Leadership Exercises…

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SCIADONICS/SCIAESSENTIALS® RECEIVES THE 2019 Global Health & Pharma Award for “Most Unique Inflammation Treatment Developers 2019 – USA”

Sciadonics, Inc and SciaEssentials, LLC are proud to be the 2019 Recipient of the GHP 2019 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards product for the category, “Most Unique Inflammation Treatment Developers 2019 – USA”

In their evaluation, the judges considered that our Founder, Dr./Professor Alvin Berger spent the last 30 years to develop a truly novel and effective oil to combat chronic inflammation, the root cause of many skin problems and other chronic conditions. Read here to learn more.

Delta-5 featured at Cosmo Tech Expo, India

We are pleased to announce that Delta-5 oil by SciaEssentials was featured by our Distribution partner Pioneer in-Organics at Cosmo Tech Expo Pragati Maidan, Delhi, New Delhi, India, July 22-23, 2019. Tremendous interest from individuals and businesses in Indie Beauty.

DELTA-5® Technology Accelerates Recovery from Facial Cosmetic Treatments and Relief from Skin Conditions

Voted one of “The Most Innovative Skin Products” by Johnson and Johnson and Nu Skin, and considered by a luminary of the cosmetic world to “represent a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in the beauty industry” the natural and organic oil consists of…

Sciadonic acid patent portfolio grows; interest from CBD formulators does, too

Building out the patent portfolio for sciadonic acid is among the last steps for full scale commercialization of this distinctive fatty acid, said the primary researcher and promoter of the material.

A High Healthy Fat Diet; and Sciadonic Acid Delta-5

Dr. Alvin Berger is interviewed by Alex Morrall of Fortune Financial and Founder of The Twin Cities Wellness Collective (TCWC). Dr. Berger shares his wisdom surrounding nutrition and high healthy fat diets.

FutureDerm describes how Delta-5 combats inflammation

The influential and very respected online trade magazine/blog FutureDerm has written a very nice article about SCIAESSENTIALS DELTA-5 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY OILS

Health Professional Radio, 4/24/18

If you are a practitioner, biochemist, nutritionist, or tech-minded consumer that wants to hear me speak about anti-inflammatory Delta-5 fatty acids from SciaEssentials in a more technical way, check out this 10 minute radio show with Health Professional Radio

The Real SKINNY on Fat

SciaEssentials® was discussed by Dr. Berger in the video series, the real SKINNY on Fat, in Episode 7, Bonus.

Company forms to push benefits of sciadonic acid

A new company is coming together around a ‘new’ fatty acid — sciadonic acid, which the developer says has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Most Innovative Skin Products

At the In Cosmetics Meeting, Sciadonics was one of three finalists in the JPitch, J&J pitch competition for the most innovative skin products selected by J&J’s top innovation executives.

Nu Skin Finalist

Sciadonics, Inc. is proud to have been selected as one of the finalists to present to the Nu Skin executive team in Provo, Utah, August 30, 2017. Nu Skin is a major direct to consumer company, selling innovative skin and nutritional products.

Sciadonic acid takes topical route as first step in dietary ingredient development

The developers of sciadonic acid—a new to the market anti-inflammatory fatty acid—have pivoted to topical products as they search for partners to more fully develop the substance as a dietary ingredient.

May See Radical Results in Just One Use®

Newly rediscovered and developed with cutting edge science – DELTA-5® has an acute effect on inflammation of the skin.

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