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Media Coverage

A High Healthy Fat Diet; and Sciadonic Acid Delta-5

Dr. Alvin Berger is interviewed by Alex Morrall of Fortune Financial and Founder of The Twin Cities Wellness Collective (TCWC). Dr. Berger shares his wisdom surrounding nutrition and high healthy fat diets.

FutureDerm describes how Delta-5 combats inflammation

The influential and very respected online trade magazine/blog FutureDerm has written a very nice article about SCIAESSENTIALS DELTA-5 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY OILS

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Health Professional Radio, 4/24/18

If you are a practitioner, biochemist, nutritionist, or tech-minded consumer that wants to hear me speak about anti-inflammatory Delta-5 fatty acids from SciaEssentials in a more technical way, check out this 10 minute radio show with Health Professional Radio

The Real SKINNY on Fat

SciaEssentials™ was discussed by Dr. Berger in the video series, the real SKINNY on Fat, in Episode 7, Bonus.

Company forms to push benefits of sciadonic acid

A new company is coming together around a ‘new’ fatty acid — sciadonic acid, which the developer says has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Most Innovative Skin Products

At the In Cosmetics Meeting, Sciadonics was one of three finalists in the JPitch, J&J pitch competition for the most innovative skin products selected by J&J’s top innovation executives.

Nu Skin Finalist

Sciadonics, Inc. is proud to have been selected as one of the finalists to present to the Nu Skin executive team in Provo, Utah, August 30, 2017. Nu Skin is a major direct to consumer company, selling innovative skin and nutritional products.

Sciadonic acid takes topical route as first step in dietary ingredient development

The developers of sciadonic acid—a new to the market anti-inflammatory fatty acid—have pivoted to topical products as they search for partners to more fully develop the substance as a dietary ingredient.

May See Radical Results in Just One Use™

Newly rediscovered and developed with cutting edge science – DELTA-5™ has an acute effect on inflammation of the skin.