Dr. Alvin Berger

“I believe the future of health and longevity is to reduce inflammation within the body, through oral and topical means. I will continue my career diligently looking at diets and topical solutions, combining cutting edge science with ancient wisdom to combat the growing inflammation epidemic, which represents the root cause of most diseases”

– Dr. Alvin Berger MS, Ph. D, Past NIH Fellow, Adjunct Professor Nutrition, CEO Sciadonics, Inc.


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Dr. Berger has 30 years of research experience in nutritional and pharmaceutical sciences, and is an eminent lipid nutritionist and biochemist. He is a world renowned published expert in the field of fatty acids and cellular-, molecular- and whole body metabolism.

Alvin’s global research and interest in inflammation led him to discover ancient sources of very particular conifer seed extracts to combat our chronic inflammation epidemic. These seeds, considered ancient wisdom, date back to the diets of indigenous populations (and even the diets of dinosaurs), and are no longer incorporated, to any great extent, into our Western diets.

Dr. Berger’s discovery of Sciadonic Acid, a type of Delta-5® fatty acid, has a unique mechanism of action in being incorporated into specific and unique phospholipid pools (such as the phosphatidylinositol signaling pool) where it displaces pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid (ARA) and rapidly reduces levels of known pro-inflammatory mediators. It thus acts to curb inflammation early in the inflammation cascade.

Sciadonic Acid, Delta-5®, has been studied by Dr. Berger and colleagues in over 22 studies on inflammation to date. It has proven anti-inflammatory benefits topically and is one of the most revolutionary skin care treatments.

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Newly rediscovered and developed with cutting edge science – DELTA-5® has an acute effect on inflammation of the skin.

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