How Antioxidants Fight Wrinkles

You’ve heard of antioxidants by now. The term is absolutely everywhere. On commercials. In the news. The magazine on your table. Your favorite blog. Even if you’ve never paid any attention to the term before or what it means for you, you’ve at least heard it. It’s time you actually start paying attention. Antioxidants can lead to a healthier you. [...]

Healthy Skin Is Beautiful Skin

What makes skin ‘healthy’? Usually the answer would be connected to the way the skin looks and feels: smooth, clear, and glowing, with an even tone. How to get your skin looking this way? Start from within, and build outward. By this we mean follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of filtered water, exercise regularly, keep your stress levels down, [...]

Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful You

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and as such, we need to take excellent care of them, both inside and out. Regular eye exams, a lutein supplement, wearing protective sunglasses and limiting time spent in front of a computer screen will all help you keep your eyes healthy — but what about the skin around the eyes? […]