Science of Skin Care Series: Dr. Berger’s Corner: Cell Regeneration

You’ve probably heard that your skin is more than just a pretty covering. Your skin is the largest organ of the human body and is comprised of a vast network of supporting materials, nourishing capillaries, and communicating nerve endings. It protects you against exposure to dangerous things in the environment, repels water, and also keeps you from losing too much [...]

Magic Mirror on the Wall, What’s the Most Versatile Skin Oil of Them All?

Do you believe in magic? We’re told constantly that there is no magic fix-it-all out there. OK, fixing everything is a little pretentious, unless we’re discussing duct tape. But what if we told you that there is a cosmetic skin oil out there that has powerful healing and anti-inflammatory effects useful to help in alleviating all sorts of skin concerns? [...]

What Does Pollution Do To Your Skin?

Pollution is still a topic of conversation, debate, and argument. It is definitely taking a toll on the environment. That much can’t be argued. But until recently, the effects that pollution has on your skin were unknown. Research is now piling up outlining the negative impact that pollution can indeed have on your skin and what you can do to [...]

What? Older Men Are ‘Distinguished’ But Older Women Are ‘Aging?’

Just how did that bunch of ridiculousness ever get started? For centuries, women have been held to high beauty standards. Maintaining a look as though they regularly drink from the fountain of youth. Diligently slathering on creams and lotions and anti-aging serums. Religiously hiding from the sun. Giving themselves ulcers over every little laugh line and dawning age spot. [...]

The Best Way to Combat Scars

Accidents always happen. Be it a child hitting their head on the corner of a table or an adult scraping themselves just a bit too hard, the unfortunate truth is that these kinds of accidents — and their subsequent scars — are a reality we often have to face. Some scars end up being non-problematic, either miniscule in size and [...]