What? Older Men Are ‘Distinguished’ But Older Women Are ‘Aging?’

Just how did that bunch of ridiculousness ever get started? For centuries, women have been held to high beauty standards. Maintaining a look as though they regularly drink from the fountain of youth. Diligently slathering on creams and lotions and anti-aging serums. Religiously hiding from the sun. Giving themselves ulcers over every little laugh line and dawning age spot. [...]

Can Delta-5 Help My Dandruff?

Dandruff: most of us have experienced it or know someone who has. It has nothing to do with hygiene and is nothing to be ashamed of! It’s a very tameable problem.  The itchy scalp and unsightly white flakes are problems that no one wants to deal with. Delta-5 is the best natural oil to help with things like dandruff and [...]

Age Is Just a Number, Not a Look

We all know that it is not a myth or a magical unicorn that doesn’t exist. There are some people in the world whose faces seem timeless. You can see the maturity, they are clearly not teenagers, but they also don’t look anything like other people their age do. Their skin is smooth and blemish-free and while you can see [...]