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Science of Skin Care Series: Dr. Berger’s Corner: The Scientific Process and Product Development

The Scientific Process and Product Development

Phenomenally-effective skin oils like my DELTA-5 aren’t just dreamed up every day. They’re meticulously researched, lovingly developed, and created with care.

It’s the research part that is the most important aspect of what we do at Sciadonics.

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Starting Young: Preventing Aging Before It Starts

Starting Young- Preventing Aging Before It Starts

You have a ton of time to plan your future, choose your career, and fall in love when you’re in your 20’s. You do not have a ton of time to decide to start taking care of your skin. The fight against aging can be won, but only if you fight the battle before it begins. If you wait until the signs of aging have already taken hold, you may have waited too long.

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What Does Pollution Do To Your Skin?

What Does Pollution Do To Your Skin

Pollution is still a topic of conversation, debate, and argument. It is definitely taking a toll on the environment. That much can’t be argued. But until recently, the effects that pollution has on your skin were unknown. Research is now piling up outlining the negative impact that pollution can indeed have on your skin and what you can do to protect it.

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Science of Skin Care Series: Dr. Berger’s Corner: The Big Bad Sun and All Its Glory

People love the sun. They worship the sun. No kidding. They call themselves, literally, “sun worshippers.”

The sun can be considered the source of life, giving vital energy to the earth so that plants may grow, and the circle of life can thrive. People have looked upon the sun as a deity.

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How to Help Dry Skin

How to Help Dry Skin

Multiple factors can contribute to drying skin: aging, an underlying skin condition, or environmental factors. Whatever the cause, dry skin is annoyingly uncomfortable and itchy and can prove unsightly for some, too.

Dry skin, formally known as xerosis, is fairly common and can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it resolves on its own, and sometimes you need to call in your dermatologist for help.

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Dealing With Psoriasis: There’s Help

Dealing With Psoriasis- There's Help

Nothing is more frustrating than looking in the mirror and seeing anything less than perfect. Historically, society has placed a huge burden on us to look a certain way, with a clear complexion.

Fortunately, times are changing, and less emphasis is being placed on perfection, and more on being you. But that doesn’t change how comfortable you are in your own skin. Adding the frustration of an uncomfortable, unsightly ailment doesn’t help matters.

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