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Science of Skin Care Series: Dr. Berger’s Corner: How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Skin?

Your body goes through incredible changes during pregnancy, and your skin is included in that process! Some of those changes can be permanent, some will reverse themselves within weeks to a year of giving birth. There are a variety of things that may happen with your skin as your hormones fluctuate. Sadly, only the lucky few get to experience that [...]

Battling Eczema

If you suffer from eczema (atopic dermatitis), you’re probably beyond the point of frustration and irritation. There is no cure, and it tends to be hard to treat. Popular remedies can be slow-acting, expensive, and in some cases, ineffective. The disease tends to go through cycles of remission (symptom-free periods), and flare-ups, with symptoms often times becoming quite severe. So [...]

Dealing With the Pain of Shingles

Do you remember having chickenpox? Do you remember staying home from school, covered in itchy, red, blistery bumps? Do you remember the itch that almost drove you crazy, covered in calamine lotion, while your mom chastised you for scratching? Probably not until I reminded you. But if you have ever had chickenpox or even been vaccinated for it, you are [...]

What Could Be Causing Your Dry Skin

Dry skin can be caused by any number of things, some out of your control, but many within it. The uncomfortable itchiness can be an annoyance. And the red flakiness can have you feeling embarrassed and self-conscious. You’ve covered yourself with lotion, but there’s still no relief. So where are you going wrong? What could possibly be causing your dry [...]

Science of Skin Care Series: Dr. Berger’s Corner: How Do Poison Plants Cause So Much Inflammation?

If you have never had an allergic reaction to one of the infamous “poison” plants, consider yourself very lucky. The sustained irritated itching has been described as unbearable by some. Yet roughly 85% of Americans report a sensitivity to poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. […]

Banish Blemishes

Banish Blemishes The last thing anyone wants to do is wake up in the morning before a big interview, roll out of bed and squint bleary-eyed into the mirror only to find that something went terribly wrong with your face last night. […]