DELTA-5® Technology Accelerates Recovery from Facial Cosmetic Treatments and Relief from Skin Conditions

DELTA-5® technology-based companies SciaEssentials® and Sciadonics announced the launch of their premiere skincare product, DELTA-5 oil. SciaEssentials is scientifically proven and clinically studied to reduce redness and inflammation, boost collagen and promote aggressive healing of the dermis and epidermis.

Voted one of “The Most Innovative Skin Products” by Johnson and Johnson and Nu Skin, and considered by a luminary of the cosmetic world to “represent a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in the beauty industry” the natural and organic oil consists of Sciadonic Acid DELTA-5, derived from exotic conifer seeds. DELTA-5 technology works to reduce pro-inflammatory eicosanoid molecules present in skin layers via a unique molecular mechanism, offering benefits like steroidal and non-steroidal topical solutions, but without the side effects. The unique fatty acid was formulated, patented, and tested for over 30 years by Dr. Alvin Berger, Professor and Ph. D.

DELTA-5 oil is engineered to restore skin cells and facilitate the healing process following cosmetic facial procedures. The oil’s natural healing properties protect the skin from free radical damage, resulting in glowing and clearer complexion.

As a result, patients experience a reduction in redness, wrinkles and downtime, and a collagen boost. According to*, $1B was spent in 2018 on cosmetic injectable treatments; with Botox® and Fillers up 39% the past five years. DELTA-5 quickly revitalizes the skin for any facial treatment, including lasers, dermabrasions and micro needling.

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DELTA-5 technology has over 20 scientific studies with no adverse effects; and is reported to quickly address discomfort from acne, rosacea and psoriasis. According to Professor of Dermatology Roberts Dellavalle**, 50% of all skin problems can be attributed to inflammation. DELTA-5 provides relief from inflammation within 24 hours, to effectively reduce redness, soreness and itching.

“In a world of ineffective and toxic skin chemicals, we have re-ordered another supply of the product (DELTA-5 oil) online, since it is as good or better than most prescription dermatological preparations available commercially today. ” – Dr. Simon H. Stertzer, MD, renowned Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University and Balloon Angioplasty Pioneer

The All-in-One solution provides a near instant remedy across a variety of skincare conditions, whether it’s post-procedural, or to address minor skin issues like sunburn or acne, and potentially long-term conditions like lupus and psoriasis.

DELTA-5 is available for purchase in the United States and internationally. To learn more about DELTA-5 and SciaEssentials, and to purchase product, visit
About DELTA-5® Technology

Sciadonics, Inc. was established in 2016 to commercialize sciadonic acid and related fatty acids to combat the chronic inflammation epidemic. SciaEssentials LLC is the consumer arm of Sciadonics, Inc., established in 2018. The anti-inflammatory DELTA-5 fatty acids have been lost to industrialization but are used in Traditional Chinese medicine and by indigenous populations and can be combined with other functional skin ingredients. The company’s product offerings represent an innovative technology and a game-changer in the anti-inflammatory oil space to combat acute and chronic inflammation. The first product from SciaEssentials is DELTA-5® Sciadonic acid-enriched oil to combat skin inflammation.