Worried About Wrinkles

Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to be a Worry Wart? There’s really no use worrying about anything, because worrying never really solved anything.

Especially not wrinkles!

No, that’s actually the truth. There is definitely evidence of a positive correlation between stress and inflammation and the aging rate of your skin. Sooooooo worrying will actually make your wrinkles appear faster, and worse!

If you can’t worry about wrinkles? What can you do about them? How about prevent them, for starters?

When You Should Think About Wrinkles

The time to think about wrinkles is not after you already have them (more on that later). The time is right now. Before you start to show signs of aging (wrinkles included) is when you should be thinking about wrinkles.

About preventing them.

The way to fight all of those signs of aging is to effectively prevent them before they actually show up. I know, I know. Thinking so far in advance can be difficult, but how you treat and care for your skin now will set the stage for how your skin will look 20+ years from now. The damage we inflict on our skin over time is cumulative. That means, it all collects over time. Preventing visible signs of skin aging is much easier and less expensive than trying to get rid of it.

How To Prevent Wrinkles


  • Stay Away From The Sun.  Yup. You’re hearing it again. Protecting your skin from damaging UV rays is absolutely vital to preventing damage down the road. You’ve heard it from everyone ‘till you can’t stand it anymore, but the truth is, they’re right. Without question, sun protection is the best way you can prevent your skin from aging . . .or at least drastically slow that process down. According to Mona Gohara, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, 90% of the signs of aging come from unprotected UV exposure.


Your skin is going to go through natural aging changes on its own, but photoaged skin will take on a leathery, lax, wrinkled appearance. UV radiation causes a shortage of collagen by causing cells to break collagen down, instead of maintaining it.

Sun damage accumulates over time, so protecting yourself sooner, rather than later, is prudent! Your skin care routine should incorporate the daily application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 20.


  • Make Good Choices.  All of the toxins that you ingest, environmental pollutants you’re exposed to, and sun exposure you get takes a toll on your skin. These things can result in waste products called free radicals. They’re the byproducts of cellular metabolism, and they’re careening around your body looking for another electron, wreaking havoc in their path. That damage can accumulate, too, unless you do something about it now.


Lifestyle choices and environmental factors can drastically increase the number of free radicals in the body, in turn dramatically increasing oxidative stress on the body. Things like eating fried foods, drinking alcohol, environmental pollution, UV rays, and eating charcoal broiled meats will increase this oxidative stress, but cigarette smoking is, by far, the most potent free radical generator in the body. Avoid as much of these insults as possible now to save your skin in the future.


  • Employ a Good Skin Care Routine.  Start a solid routine that consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. That’s it! It doesn’t have to be difficult! It’s the ingredients that are important. Choose your skin care products wisely, and they will work ahead of their years for you. When you care for your skin properly, you’re able to nip any excess damage in the bud and mitigate any factors that contribute to aging.


Look for ingredients that are scientifically proven to fight the aging process. You can help your body to nab those free radicals by utilizing a skin care routine rich in antioxidant ingredients to counter all that damage. A healthy diet should be your number one choice, but topical antioxidants have been found to be effective, as well.

One Product To Alleviate Your Worry

DELTA-5 by SciaEssentials is a perfect complementary skin care step. DELTA-5 is an extensively-tested, scientifically-formulated all-natural, non-greasy face oil that treats a variety of skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles. The key ingredient, sciadonic acid is a type of fatty acid that has demonstrated positive results in the reduction of skin inflammation, wrinkling, and redness.

“This product really works, my redness and wrinkles around my mouth look better in one use. Addicted!” – Gwen

What does that mean? It means DELTA-5 can work on both ends of the wrinkle worry spectrum. In helping to alleviate inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier, it works to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming. It’s antioxidant properties help to eliminate them after they’ve formed by working to resolve the damage done by a polluted environment and to reverse harm that comes from the sun.

A little bit of elbow grease in your early years in the form of a smart skin care routine can really go a long way in combating daily insult, leaving you with really very little to actually worry about!