SciaEssentials Delta-5 is an all in one product that can be used in creative ways: be your own product developer

According to a study by the premium beauty retailer SkinStore, 85% of women apply an average of 16 skincare and cosmetic products every day from eye creams to moisturizers, foundations to brow products. Over 70% of respondents claim this is because they now add extra beautifying steps to their daily routines, using serums, SPF’s, toners, primers, and highlighters to enhance their skin.

Use of Delta-5 can make skincare routines shorter and simpler while reducing dryness, redness, brown spots, fine lines, and wrinkles while moisturizing your skin with immediate results that can last up to 24 hours.

It is very trendy for skin companies to add plant oils to their cosmetic products.

Although we have only launched a single pure oil product Delta-5 oil can be used alone, or combined with other existing products to improve many situations. Consider using Delta-5 oil alone or with:

  • Lip products or on nude lips for chapping, healing, and to create shine
  • Lashes in mascara to provide thickness and volume without fallout; and luster when the mascara is removed
  • Facial Foundation and airbrushing products for coverage and improvement in the skin
  • Clays for detoxification and cleaning of the pores
  • Sunburn prevention products and after-burn products
  • Post-treatment products to speed up recovery after peels, dermabrasion, and exfoliation
  • Skin brighteners to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Anti-pollution products
  • Anti-acne products
  • Anti-redness products
  • Anti-wrinkle products
  • Products to decrease under-eye bags.

Let us know of the exciting results you achieve!!